Artron Pregnancy Tips: Sperm Health

Artron Pregnancy Tips: Sperm Health

Written by Li (Joanna) Tang, MSc., revised by Artron Technical Team

Artron Pregnancy Tips: Sperm Health

Healthy sperm is important when people plan to have a baby. Sperm count (the quality of sperm), sperm motility (movement), and sperm morphology (shape) are the elements affecting the possibility of conceiving and having a healthy baby.

Factors Affecting Sperm Quality

The sperm quality is determined by several factors such as age, weight, lifestyle, health conditions, and environmental and occupational hazards. For example, smoking has a negative effect on sperm count and semen quantity. Heavy drinking affects the quality of the sperm. Generally speaking, males who are over 40 produce less healthy sperm than younger men. Sperm count is lower and the sperm can’t move properly if a male is overweight.

Sperm Health

Ways to Protect and Improve Sperm Quality

Sperm Health

Regular exercise, a healthy diet, quitting smoking, making sure you’re not overweight, and cutting alcohol are ways to look after your sperm. There are other ways to protect your sperm such as avoiding hot baths, not wearing tight underwear, etc. Please visit Pregnancy Birth & Baby for more information about the ways to take care of your sperm.

Assess Male Fertility with Artron's Sperm OK Test

Semen analysis may be recommended by the doctor if a couple has trouble falling pregnant. If a male has a low sperm count, a doctor may prescribe medications or suggest other treatment methods. Artron manufactures the Sperm OK Male Fertility Test which can assess males’ sperm count and can indicate sperm concentration in human semen. As one of the most reliable tests for male fertility, our quality test is made in Canada for home use. 


For more information about our male fertility test products, please visit our SPOK website or contact our product manager here.

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