Artron’s Global News Spotlight: Transforming COVID-19 Testing

We at Artron Laboratories are both thrilled and humbled to announce that our ongoing efforts in combating the COVID-19 crisis have recently been recognized by Global NewsWatch the full video here. As healthcare professionals, we understand the impact of our commitment to meet and, in our case, exceed the demand for rapid testing.

Our Vancouver-based facility has risen to the occasion in an extraordinary manner, producing close to a million rapid tests daily. This astounding number goes beyond just meeting the needs of government requirements.

Artron's Global News Spotlight: Transforming COVID-19 Testing

But it’s not just about the numbers. Our role in the pandemic stretches beyond mass test production. In these unprecedented times, the creation of local jobs has been another achievement. We believe in sharing success. By expanding our workforce, we’re making a positive impact on the local community.

Behind this colossal effort, the innovation and diligence of our team deserve special recognition. Spearheading these operations is our CEO, Cenk, who is deeply involved in the process and fully appreciates the hard work that each team member puts into delivering these tests. His leadership has fostered an environment of resilience and innovation that sets Artron apart.

The journey to this point is mentioned in a video released on Global News. Witness firsthand the hard work and dedication behind our battle against COVID-19. You can watch the full video here.

In closing, it’s your support, faith, and constructive feedback that continues to drive us to push the boundaries of what we can accomplish further. Together, one rapid test at a time.

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