How COVID-19 Global Pandemic has Increased the Demand for Food Safety Testing

The COVID-19 global pandemic has had a significant impact on the food safety testing industry. According to a recent report by Insight Partners, the global food safety testing market is expected to grow from $20.73 billion in 2021 to $34.14 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 7.4% [1]. The rising prevalence of foodborne illnesses demands food safety testing for all food and beverage products. The goal is to prevent health hazards, which boosts the growth of the food safety testing market.

How COVID-19 Global Pandemic has Increased the Demand for Food Safety Testing Across the World

The impact of COVID-19 global pandemic on food safety and supply chains

The outbreak has created serious concerns about food safety, and consumers are highly aware of the hygiene and quality of the food products they buy [1]. The COVID-19 global pandemic has also imposed shocks on all segments of food supply chains, simultaneously affecting farm production, food processing, transport and logistics, and final demand. Not all sectors and products have been equally affected, and different products have experienced disruptions at different stages of the supply chain.

How Artron strived to become a pioneer in food safety and COVID-19 testing

Did you know? During the pandemic, Artron Laboratories is one of only two Canadian companies authorized by Health Canada to sell and produce COVID-19 rapid antigen tests. Artron’s COVID-19 rapid tests are designed to provide accurate results in a short amount of time, making them ideal for use in healthcare settings. Our manager of scientific and regulatory affairs, Dr. Uma Gaur, said that getting Health Canada approval to sell the kits for professional settings has been an intensive process [2].

We also offer a range of food safety products that can help ensure that food products are safe for consumption. These products include test kits for detecting various contaminants such as antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, and more.

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