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Artron Laboratories Inc. Provides Valuable Marketing Internship Opportunities to Aspiring Marketers

Artron Laboratories Inc. welcomed Clementine (Tina) Ingabire Ndagije as a Marketing Intern while she pursued a Post Degree Diploma in Marketing at Douglas College. Tina was immediately drawn to Artron because the internship posting reflected her academic background, and she knew that the opportunity would reinforce her knowledge and provide her with valuable practical skills.

Marketing Internship at Artron Laboratories Inc

During my internship search, I did check out quite a number of different organizations but when I came across Artron Laboratories Inc. , their internship posting spoke to me in a different way. For example, the job description was reflecting what I had learned in school and I was certain that the internship would reinforce the knowledge I learned from various courses and on top of that, provide me with valuable practical skills.”

Artron Laboratories Inc

Providing Hands-on Experience

Artron Laboratories Inc. recognized Tina's potential and did not hesitate to offer her the internship position. They involved her in various marketing activities, both internally and externally, giving her hands-on experience in website maintenance, social media content creation, and promotional and community engagement activities.

Artron Laboratories Inc

Exciting Projects for Tina

Tina's time with Artron Laboratories Inc. was filled with exciting and challenging projects, including creating a newsletter, developing a customer satisfaction survey, and using her bilingual skills to translate product instructions from English to French.

I can confidently say that Artron Laboratories Inc. gave me a golden opportunity to apply my acquired marketing skills into real life work situations with hands-on working experience which otherwise I wouldn’t have had; and I can now say that I have a clearer view and better understanding of what is expected of me as a marketer, as I work my way towards achieving my career goals.”


Artron Laboratories Inc. provides valuable marketing internship for career development

Reflecting on her internship, Tina confidently stated that Artron Laboratories Inc. provided her with a golden opportunity to apply her marketing skills to real-life work situations. She now has a better understanding of what is expected of her as a marketer as she works towards achieving her career goals.

Launch Your Career with Artron Laboratories Inc.'s Internship Program

 With a commitment to providing hands-on experience and valuable learning opportunities, Artron is the perfect place to kickstart your career. Apply now and become a part of our talented team!

Cultivating Future Professionals

Looking for a valuable internship opportunity to gain practical experience and apply your skills to real-life work situations? Join us at Artron Laboratories Inc. as we offer a range of exciting and challenging internships in various fields, including marketing, research and development, and production.

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