Critical Components

Critical Components for Rapid Test Assembly from Artron

Critical Components for Rapid Test Assembly

What are Lateral Flow Tests?

Understanding Lateral Flow Tests: Rapid and Convenient Diagnostic Solutions

Lateral Flow Tests, also known as lateral flow immunoassays or strip tests, are diagnostic tests used to detect the presence or absence of a target analyte in a sample. They are simple, rapid, and easy-to-use tests that provide results within minutes, making them ideal for point-of-care testing or situations where immediate results are needed. 

The test works by utilizing capillary action to draw the sample along a test strip that contains specific components. These components typically include a sample pad, a conjugate pad containing labeled particles (such as colloidal gold conjugates), a reaction or test line containing immobilized antibodies, and a control line.

Lateral Flow Tests
Lateral Flow Test

Lateral Flow Tests: Rapid and Versatile Diagnostic Solutions for Various Applications

When the sample is applied to the test strip, it interacts with the labeled particles carrying specific antibodies. If the target analyte is present in the sample, it will bind to the labeled particles, forming a visible line at the test line region. The control line serves as a reference, indicating that the test has been performed correctly.

Lateral Flow Tests are commonly used for various purposes, including pregnancy tests, infectious disease screening (such as COVID-19), drug testing, food safety testing, and more. They offer a quick and convenient method for preliminary screening or qualitative detection of target analytes in a wide range of sample types, such as urine, blood, saliva, or swab specimens.

Critical Components for Lateral Flow Tests

Colloidal Gold Conjugates for Accurate Lateral Flow Test Results

Our Colloidal Gold Conjugates consist of 30 to 70 mm particles that are conjugated to monoclonal antibodies at the Fc region through ionic interactions. They are essential components for detecting the presence of target analytes in lateral flow tests.

Colloidal Gold Conjugates
Lateral Flow Tests

Importance of Sample Pads in Lateral Flow Tests

Sample Pads are an integral part of lateral flow tests, comprising three layers of specialized components. These pads are specifically designed to enhance absorbency, enabling the smooth and uninterrupted lateral flow of the sample across the test strip. By creating the optimal reaction conditions within the test, Sample Pads contribute significantly to the accuracy and reliability of the results obtained. Their crucial role in facilitating efficient sample migration and maintaining consistent flow dynamics ensures precise and dependable test outcomes.

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OEM Solutions

If you are interested in Artron’s Critical Components and want to develop your own rapid test, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is ready to collaborate with you, discuss your specific requirements, and provide comprehensive information on pricing, customization options, and other essential details. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of creating innovative rapid tests tailored to your needs.


Critical Components are key materials required for the assembly of lateral flow tests. They include Nitrocellulose (NC) Membranes, Colloidal Gold Conjugates, and Sample Pads.

Colloidal gold particles are 30 to 70 mm in size and are conjugated to monoclonal antibodies at the Fc region via ionic interactions. They are essential components for detecting the presence of target analytes in lateral flow tests.

Yes, Critical Components can be customized to meet specific requirements for lateral flow tests. Contact Artron for more information on customization options.

To obtain more information on pricing and other details for Critical Components, please contact Artron and discuss your requirements with our customer service representatives.

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