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  • Artron One Step Ovulation test is specially designed to help women predict the best day to get pregnant and monitor their daily LH levels.
  • Accurate and Reliable: with 20+ years of experience in the IVD industry, Artron’s ovulation test is designed professionally to ensure the test results are accurate and reliable.
  • Easy to Use: Our ovulation test comes with a user-friendly design that allows customers to perform the test at home easily without the need for an expert.
  • Clear Results: Customers can read and interpret the results clearly.

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Artron one-step Ovulation Test (Luteinizing Hormone (LH) Test) is a rapid and convenient immunochromatographic assay for the qualitative detection of LH in urine at or above the concentration of 30 mIU/ml and predicting the time of LH surge and ovulation. The Ovulation Test device is designed for professional and over-the-counter use. The test provides a visual, qualitative result. Clinical expertise and professional judgment should be sought to further evaluate the result of the test.

how to use

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  • Large box

Point the absorbent tip downward. Place the absorbent tip in the urine stream for about 5 seconds to be thoroughly wet.

Otherwise, urine can be collected into a clean cup and the absorbent tip can then be dipped into the cup for about 5-10 seconds until h the urine sample moves into the test window.

Re-cap the device and wait for colored bands to appear and read the results. Read the result in 10 minutes.

NOTE: Strong positive specimens may produce positive results in as little time as 1 minute. Confirm negatives in 10-20 minutes.

Remove the testing device from the foil pouch by tearing it at the notch. Hold the strip at the colored end. Holding the strip vertically, immerse the end of the strip with the arrows into the specimen. Do not immerse past the MAX line.

Take the strip out when the sample has migrated to the test window (about 10 seconds). Lay the strip (MAX side facing up) flat on a clean, dry, non-absorbent surface.

Read the result in 10 minutes, following instructions under the “Result Interpretations” section

NOTE: Strong positive specimens may produce positive results in as little time as 1 minute. Confirm negatives in 10-20 minutes.

What does the result mean?

Pregnancy Test Strip-Ovulation Test


A pink-colored band appears only in the control region © indicating a negative result for the pregnancy.

Pregnancy Test Strip-Ovulation Test


A clear pink control band (C) and a detectable test band (T) appear, indicating a positive result for pregnancy.

Ovulation Test


No visible band in the control region ©. Repeat with a new test device. If the test still fails, please contact the distributor with the lot number.

The Artron Ovulation Test is a home-based ovulation test kit that can be used to help determine the best time to try to conceive.
The test works by detecting the presence of the luteinizing hormone (LH) in your urine. LH is a hormone that surges right before ovulation occurs, signaling the release of an egg from your ovary. By detecting this surge in LH, the test can help you identify your most fertile days.
It is recommended to use the test in the morning and at night every day, starting a few days before you expect to ovulate. This can help you track changes in your LH levels and identify your most fertile days.
The Artron Ovulation Test is over 99% accurate in detecting LH surges, according to the manufacturer.
The test typically takes about five minutes to process, and you should be able to read the results within ten minutes.
A positive result means that the LH surge has been detected and that ovulation may occur within the next 12 to 36 hours. This is the best time to try to conceive. A negative result means that the LH surge has not been detected and you should continue testing daily until it is detected.
Yes, certain medications or medical conditions can affect LH levels and, therefore, the results of the test. It is important to consult with your doctor if you are taking any medications or have any medical conditions that may affect your fertility.
The test should be stored at room temperature in a dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture.
No, the test is for one-time use only and should be discarded after use.



Small Box: 1 Midstream /Box, Medium Box: 25 Cassette/ Box, Large Box: 50 Strip/ Box, Small Box: 10 Tests/ Box


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