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Artron is a global leader in the IVD industry with a proven track record of delivering high-quality products and services to clients in over 55 countries. As part of our commitment to expanding our reach and building lasting relationships, we are inviting B2B clients to join us as partners.

As an Artron partner, you will have access to our cutting-edge technology, industry expertise, and global network of resources.

Our collaborative approach to partnerships means we work closely with our partners to understand their unique needs and develop customized solutions to drive growth and success.

Partner with Artron: Global Capabilities and Expertise for Your Business

With over 160 developed products, 5 global distribution centers, and 8 global manufacturing facilities, we have the capacity to deliver on even the most complex projects. Our team of over 500 employees is dedicated to providing unparalleled service and support to our partners.
lateral flow test development
Contact us today to explore partnership opportunities with Artron.

Artron has a dedicated team responsible for the management of its product safety and quality control programs. This team works closely with other departments within the company to ensure that all products meet the highest safety and quality standards.

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