Our Sustainability

Business is important, but not at any cost. People matter. Our planet matters. That’s why sustainability is integrated into every aspect of our business. We’re focusing on reducing waste. We act in such a way as to create a more sustainable and shared future.

Business Matters, But Not At Any Cost.

We define corporate responsibility as actions that have a positive impact on the environment, community, workplace, and suppliers. In everything we do, we apply our knowledge and expertise to drive a progressive agenda for the benefit of society, business, and the planet.

Putting our values into practice and maintaining public trust is of the utmost importance to us. Through actions such as investing in ecological design, disaster management, engaging in policy advice, and supporting education and philanthropy, we aim to create a better built environment for all.

Being responsible affects everything we do at Artron. Our culture and values underpin our corporate responsibility, as well as being a responsible business and employer.

A Vital Partner in Canada's Fight Against COVID-19

Artron Laboratories Inc. is a partner of the Canadian government in their efforts to combat COVID-19, providing in-vitro diagnostic products and services to help slow the spread of the virus and protect public health.

Safety At Work

We want to grow our business responsibly. That means safety is not negotiable – it’s our number one priority.  

Employee Health & Wellbeing

Promoting and protecting people’s health and well-being is critical to helping people perform to their full potential and cope with life’s stressors. 

Equal Opportunities and Employee Development

Artron provides fair employment opportunities without discrimination or harassment, creating an inclusive workplace for all.

Responsible Innovation

Science with objectivity and integrity underlines our approach to responsible innovation. 

Product Safety & Quality

Consumers trust us to provide them and their families with high-quality products. We design and manufacture our products so they’re safe for their intended use. 

Employee Health Benefits Program

Artron places great importance on the health and well-being of its employees. 

Technical Transfer

Empowering Companies with Cutting-Edge Diagnostic Skills

Improving Health

Artron Laboratories made numerous contributions toward improving women’s reproductive health.

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