iA1000 Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzers



The Artron’s iA1000 analyzer mixes the sample with specific reagents containing antibodies or antigens that bind to the target molecule. If the molecule is present in the sample, it binds to these reagents, forming a complex that emits light through a chemiluminescent reaction.

This analyzer is essential in clinical laboratories for various applications, including diagnosing diseases, monitoring treatment effectiveness, and conducting medical research due to its accuracy, speed, and ability to handle multiple samples efficiently.

Enzymatic chemiluminescence system, direct chemiluminescence system

Detection principle

One-step method speed: 120 test/hour

Two-step method speed: 60 tests/hour

40 sample positions support automatic dilution.

The magnetic particle chemiluminescence detection platform is small, comprehensive, cost-effective, fully automated, highly intelligent, smart and accurate, and can fully meet the various application scenarios of overseas users, outpatient emergency departments, and clinical departments.

C.A.P.S Features

ia 1000 caps


Maximizing lab efficiency, and minimizing costs.



Cost-effective solution tailored to your lab requirements.

Industrial metal drill machine in metalworking workshop.


Precision results in elevating diagnostic capabilities.

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Closed system for enhanced stability and traceability

Instrument Identification

ia 1000 dimensions
iA1000 Dimensions

1.   10.1 Inch Touch Screen

2.   Power Switch

3.   Reagent Disk with 15 positions

4.   Sample Disk with 40 positions

5.   Emergency button

6. USB Port

7.   Indicating light of working status

8.   Pre-trigger and Trigger Solutions    – Cuvette Dustbin

9.   Cuvette Chamber

10. Chamber Door

Compact dimension:

680mm*535mm*580mm (L*W*H)

iA 1000 test menu

Automatic & Intelligent

iA1000 possesses specific features that simplify the process of reading and analysis such as:

Automatic scanning

Automatic scanning barcodes of sample and reagent with built-in camera.

Efficient interior and exterior

Efficient interior and exterior high pressure probe wash technology.

Convenient loading and offloading

Convenient loading and offloading of 200 cuvettes in one batch.

Intelligent liquid level detection

Intelligent liquid level detection, collision prevention, clot detection and bubble alarm.

Easy management, consumables package.

Easy management, consumables package.

User friendly software design

User friendly software design + STAT Available


User-Friendly Software Interface significantly shortens training time and effort

Real Time Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring of working status by Light

Bidirectional Lis Connection

Bidirectional Lis Connection - Simple interchange by intuitive software navigation

Technical Specifications

iA1000 DIGITAL PPT (1)

Introducing the iA1000 Analyzer by Artron Laboratories – Your Gateway to Precision Diagnostics!


The iA1000 Analyzer is a cutting-edge diagnostic platform designed to elevate the standards of in-vitro diagnostics. Unleash the power of accurate and swift testing with this innovative instrument, meticulously crafted by Artron Laboratories.

Rapid Testing

Say goodbye to long waiting times. The iA1000 delivers rapid results, streamlining diagnostic workflows and enabling prompt decision-making.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigating the iA1000 is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive user interface. Experience efficiency without compromising on sophistication.

Versatile Applications

From infectious diseases to cardiac markers, the iA1000 Analyzer covers a broad spectrum of diagnostic testing, making it a versatile solution for various medical settings.

Advanced Technology

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the iA1000 ensures precise and reliable diagnostic results, empowering healthcare professionals with confidence in their diagnoses.


Seamlessly integrate the iA1000 into your laboratory’s ecosystem. Its connectivity features ensure smooth data management and accessibility.

Reliability and Accuracy

Built on a foundation of quality, the iA1000 Analyzer upholds the highest standards of reliability and accuracy, contributing to precise diagnostic outcomes.

Artron Laboratories invites you to explore the iA1000 Analyzer – a beacon of innovation in the realm of in-vitro diagnostics. Elevate your diagnostic capabilities and redefine excellence with the iA1000.

Whether you are a medical professional, a research institution, or an individual looking to stay informed about your health, Artron has the products and support you need to make informed decisions about your testing needs. With our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service, choosing Artron is the obvious choice for anyone in need of reliable and accurate testing solutions.

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