Our Services

In addition to providing premium quality finished products with the highest accuracy and sensitivity, Artron also offers customization services. Our extremely capable design team utilizes advanced engineering techniques that enable us to customize products and tailor them to the individual needs of our clients. Our customization services include but are not limited to the development of custom-made lateral flow tests, monoclonal antibodies, critical membrane components, as well as OEM services.

Apart from these services, we are also a leading supplier of uncut sheets and bundles of unassembled test components like NC membranes, colloidal gold
conjugates, and sample pads.

Customized Development

At Artron, we offer customized development on our Lateral Flow Tests

Private Label (OEM)

Work with us to market accurate, reliable, and high-quality products that your clients can trust.

Rapid Diagnostic Test Kits

Artron’s Rapid Diagnostic Test is a reliable and accurate testing solution that offers quick and easy results for various conditions.

Critical Membrane Components

Assemble your own lateral flow tests with Artron’s critical membrane components.
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